Kristen Gradwohl


The Monterey Peninsula not only holds the origins of California’s own colonial history, but has bothed attracted & produced some of the world’s greatest artists across all mediums & styles imaginable. Introducing the rising star of Kristen Gradwohl, otherwise known under the solo handle of Monsterlips when she’s not performing with her band Valley Soul. An artist known for soundhealing, holistic compositions, reiki practitioner and more, providing services at Seaside Yoga Sanctuary, Luminata in Monterey, Pacific Grove’s Health & Water Store & playing her music all around (and outside) the peninsula. Channeling an uplifting & awakening vibe through her multi-disciplinary crafts; Kristen has a gift to convey some of the most cryptic & organic components that other intuitive artists like Weyes Blood, Itasca, Grouper, Lady Lazarus & more are also totally tapped into. Currently fundraising to purchase a school bus to be converted into a moving studio to bring her soundhealing creative source of light to the surrounding world—Kristen Gradwohl signals today that a wealth of new material from both her band Valley Soul & Monsterlips is well underway.

Under her solo title of Monsterlips, Kristen Gradwohl presents the world premiere of the stripped down, rustic & minimalist beauty found on the world premiere of “Everything”. From creating compositions within a sextet as Valley Soul to the sparse & vast environments covered & explored solo as Monsterlips—Kristen’s piano tones & beautiful earthbound vocals paint portraits of the intrinsic connection between all things where the entire world is embodied together as one being of love. All this & more is heard resonating with realness in the chorus lines of, “We really mean it when we say this, we are one or more, we really mean it when we say this, we are love…” The reiterations of because we are love & we are everything further emphasizes the connection that people have both to one another, their environments & worlds where the everything from our entire blue dot & other corresponding planets & galaxies suddenly feel a little bit closer. Recorded on an iPad donated from fellow local artist & Natural Satellite operator Jimmy Turturici; Gradwohl’s voice & acoustic piano tones find a connective & warm cadence with a Garageband assist that allows Kristen to paint a self-portrait of ourselves in relation to others & the spaces & places that we together inhabit, share & should enjoy amongst the company of one another. Immediately after the debut of “Everything”, read our interview with Monsterlips & Valley Soul’s own Kristen Gradwohl.


-Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine