Celestial Tabernacle EP

Cover Art by Keith Rankin

Cover Art by Keith Rankin

The making of Celestial Tabernacle saw Turturici employing Ben Herod once again on both tenor & baritone saxophone, and Harvey Birrell on mastering duty while commissioning Giant Claw/Orange Milk sound & visual art-maestro Keith Rankin to make one of his Salvador Dalí of the thirty-first century album cover art pieces. The result is a three-dimensional rendering of a statue bust of a cartoon like figure staring forward & skyward amid a backdrop with a deep blue, yellow, magenta, pink & silver color palette that resembles cross sections of the stratosphere seen through psychotropic lenses that reveal the layers & levels in all things. Jimmy tunes the controls to mirror & mimic the brightest & most brilliant moons & satellites seen from observatory stations & high powered telescopes beamed toward the most keen constellations & cosmic coordinates. But don’t let all the outer space allusions & motifs get it twisted, “Cold Star” is one of the biggest dance singles the Sicily by Monterey artist has ever made. Having been part of countless groups & projects over the years with an amassed solo arsenal that continues to grow with time; Jimmy Turturici’s “Cold Star” provides a ballroom blitz of tested patience where a stoic & fashionable dance party breaks out amid a rumble of rhythms & kinetic beat coordinates that pilots some of the most jagged & frenetic work built around paranormal synth hooks that will stay with you. Join us following the debut listen for an exclusive interview.

-Impose Magazine

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