Dwelling along the edges of the western pacific shorelines is California-born synth pop artist Jimmy Turturici. Based out of the peninsulas that connect the Monterey and the Bay Area — the prolific Pacific Coast artist has curated a vast oeuvre of a career as a singer-songwriter, producer, studio musician and more while operating the independent record label Natural Satellite.


Renowned for a distinct signature of layered synth melodies, Turturici’s catalogue works to create a cinema for the ear style guided by hauntingly familiar vocal breezes. Utilizing an avant-garde approach to synth pop, his first collection of early compositions was released in 2005 on the compilation Kindergarten Resources, shortly before working in collaboration with Johnny Aulenta in the Americana psych-dream act The Slowest Ride. It was here where Jimmy entertained his inner song composer and tunesmith chops, while nurturing his own expanding styles of future folk in hand with a continued survey of synthesizer heavy solo material on the side.


In 2007 he composed music for an independent film titled The Monarch of Evening Time before creating the comedic electro pop album Activate Lasers in 2011, again with longtime collaborator Johnny Aulenta, in a band called Hot Dogs In The Sun. In 2010 Jimmy would release his solo release Wires for Rootsin 2010. It would be the 2013 EP titled Natural Satellitethat would lead to the eponymous imprint establishment of the same name. Gaining new resources, instruments, gear and equipment for further developing new sounds — Jimmy’s single “Dancing By the Radio” debuted in 2014 on the label Noumenal Loom label’s expansive and lauded Compilation 1release, succeeded by the second solo album Lost Encoded Memoriesin 2015 that featured post-cyber reality fantasias. This opened the gates of increased experimentation and audio texture explorations as Jimmy created two unique pieces space pop odysseys with 2015’s Alien Garden, followed shortly after by Celestial Tabernacle(2016). On both pieces of work, Jimmy worked alongside the masterful talents of Ben Herod bringing a warm brass touch with both tenor and baritone sax.


Jimmy Turturici is always working on something new, leading to a full length body of work that promises to transport you to an alternate past set deep in the recesses of future galaxies.

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Del Rex Ringbahnstr. 29. 12051 Berlin (Neukölln). Germany

Del Rex Ringbahnstr. 29. 12051 Berlin (Neukölln). Germany


Celestial Tabernacle EP


Beyond Dissolving 




alien Garden


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lost encoded memories


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